Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I can do it my 6 work days

Oh, my two days off were over...
Now it's beginning my 6 work days <3
3 days of it, I'm going to work at the other shop to support them.
It's really nervous and fun!!

someone sent my mom this present

It's really delicious!!
I have it with little bit soy sauce, that's really good ;)
We almost done to have it...
Oh, I forgot to say this name.
It's “Hiroshima-na” kind of Tukemono.

By the way
Now I search ways to study abroad.
I feel like I'm getting my dream step by step.
I think it's a tough way but it's also a great way for me.
Keep it up ^^

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I'm going to go to Yundi li's concert with my mom next Tuesday.
I'm REALLY excited!!

Yundi li is one of a great great pianist.
He won first prize at the International Chopin Competition in Warsaw on 4 October, 2000.
I watched it on TV, and his sound moved me.
He play the piano like stroking the piano gently. and that is really beautiful...

I've played the piano for about 22 years.
and I wanted to hear his music live for a log time.

I love his music and I love Chopin.
so, I'm really really excited!!

By the way...
I have new things I want.(again?? lol)

this necklace

and this

last this earrings

I can't wait next Tuesday~^^♪♪

Sunday, March 28, 2010

You're going to be a TOUGH GUY

In the afternoon, I was working behind a cash register.
And then two women and one little boy are coming.
(maybe women are his mother and his aunt )
When women were paying the cashier, he was really acting up 0_o
He tried to push down a guide rope and mess up leaflets.
His mother was getting really angry, and hit on his backside seriously!!

But he didn't cry! instead he was smiling!!
If I were him, I'd definitely cry!!
He is gonna be a really tough guy ;)

and I want to be a tough woman like him...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Moody man

Today(actually yesterday) my boss was in a really good mood.
Yeah...My boss is sooooo moody :(

I had a new task today, and I was really nervous.
Because I don't know when my boss got in a super super bad mood.

BUT he looked HAPPY to the end ;)
I don't know why.
phew...I was really relieved.haha

I like a genial person -_-

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I need money...LOL

I was up at 2 p.m. 0_o Can you believe it?
I slept for almost 12 hours :(
But when I was a student, I kept sleeping for about 24 hours lol.
I woke up and went to bathroom and slept again, and then woke up and ate something and slept again...

I want to buy a new camera for this blog!!
I have one, but it doesn't work :( I recharged the
battery full, and then I tried to use it, but the battery ran down in a moment.
I need a new one.

However, There are lots of things I want... oh, my... What should I do?? haha
Accessories, makeup things, a new wallet, a new bag like that...

Oh, last Friday I finally had my ears pierced! I'm really excited about it!!
So I want beautiful earrings ;)

like this...

and like this

and It's not earrings but I want


These are soooooooo cute!!

☆ I learned it today ☆
I'm getting pretty good at this!
I'm with you. I got it.
I don't even know how I feel about him yet. Just give me a chance to figure that out.
they're all over him.
I'll tell you. that is not such a terrible thing.
Let it go.
I want you to have it. I don't want it.

I am a little relieved.

phrases from FRIENDS

I practiced saying FRIENDS lines, I was out of breath. LOL

My First blog

It's my first blog...
Oh, finally I'm beginning a blog!

I've learning English for about two years. hmmm... Is it short or long??
I always like listening English, but I'm not good at speaking and writing English...(also reading it haha)
Yeah, my English is awful.
BUT I don't care!
Now I decided to really improve my English!
I practice writing and speaking English here. Practice, Practice, and Practice!!
I say to myself “I can do it!!” (it's my blog title;)

By the way...
It's 2 o'clock now.
I always go to bet late :(
I know it's a bad habit, but for some reason I can't quit to stay up late.
(maybe I love the mood in the middle of the night.)

now I'm getting sleepy.
I have to brush my teeth.

☆I learned it today☆
an old fart- a stupid and uninteresting older person
a party pooper -someone who spoils other people's fun

Girls' blogs are really interesting ;)